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Turkey targets the people of Southern Kurdistan deliberately

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Turkey targets the people of Southern Kurdistan deliberately

PostAuthor: Anthea » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:20 pm

Turkey targets the people of Southern Kurdistan deliberately

KCK Foreign Relations Committee issued a written statement today and offered condolences for the civilians who lost their lives in the Turkish state bombing of the Dola Balayan village.

The KCK statement says the Turkish state is deliberately targeting the people of Southern Kurdistan and criticizes the stance of the Southern Kurdistani government.

The KCK Foreign Relations Committee statement is as follows:

    “The AKP-MHP-Ergenekon fascist alliance has carried out an aerial attack against the Dola Balayan villages in Qasrê on the night of Newroz and murdered four civilian citizens who were returning home after the celebrations. The fascist alliance has thus shown once again the massacring-genocidal character of the Turkish state. Without a doubt, the Turkish state’s attacks and massacres targeting the civilian population in Başur, Bakur and Rojava are carried out in a deliberate and organized manner.

    The Turkish state targeting civilian populations is related directly to the Kurdish freedom struggle transcending the point where only leading forces wage, and becoming a “popular struggle and war” directly. It is obvious to all that it is our people who fight shoulder to shoulder with the leaders in all parts of Kurdistan and abroad. In Cizre, Sur, Şırnax, Nusaybin, Shengal, Kobanê and Afrin, in all areas of conflict our people have displayed glorious resistances against fascism alongside their leaders.

    Our people in Southern Kurdistan and Europe and throughout the world have not spent one minute without the struggle. This has pushed the Turkish state to great desparation in the face of our struggle, turning them mad. That is why the Turkish state has taken on intimidating our people through arrests, lay offs, torture and massacres as a fundamental policy.


    The Turkish state is targeting Southern Kurdistan in a particular way with their policies of massacres and genocide. That is why, the massacre in Dola Balayan is not the first and is not the result of a fault in coordination. Like in Kendakolê, Kortek and Zergelê, and various areas in Behdinan and Xakurkê, the massacre was carried out by direct targeting.

    The reason the fascist Turkish state attacks the people of Başurê Kurdistan so much is that the people of Başur have always supported the guerilla’s struggle and are directly part of this struggle themselves. The people of Başur strongly embracing the resistances in Kobanê, Afrin, Sur and other parts of Kurdistan with their organization and protests has dealt heavy blows to the Turkish state’s plans.

    We know very well that the Turkish state also has plans to invade Southern Kurdistan. The resistance and struggle of the people of Başur severely threatens these plans, however, that is why the Turkish state aims to intimidate our people in Southern Kurdistan through massacres and to disrupt the unity between the people and the leading forces.


    We see that the civilian massacres the Turkish state carries out throughout all parts of Kurdistan are met with silent condoning. And some international powers, immorally trampling values like human rights, democracy and freedom, enter int dirty negotiations with the fascist Turkish state over Kurdish massacres.

    These massacres are carried out using the coordinates provided by scout planes of these forces, for one. Unfortunately the Southern Kurdistani government does not have a particular stance against these attacks and massacres. The Southern government chooses to explain the situation with the presence of the guerilla, rather than condemn and prevent the attacks and massacres that have no legitimate or legal base. That gives the genocidal Turkish regime courage and offers a foundation to continue their attacks.

    This understanding that fails to see the denialist and genocidal mindset of the Turkish state against Kurdish people is utterly careless. It is very clear that the Turkish state is a killer of Kurds, and a committer and denier of genocide - with massacres from Shengal to Kobanê, from Afrin to Balayan. These attacks openly target the sovereign rights of Iraq and aim to invade its territory, and although the Iraqi Government does have a stance against them, it is insufficient.


    It is very clear that the Turkish state attacks and massacres target both the lands and people of Southern Kurdistan, and the Iraqi state and peoples. That is why it is the responsibility of all Kurdistani and Iraqi political/social forces to stand against and stop hese attacks and massacres. With these thoughts and analyses, we commemorate our four citizens massacred in Balayan and we offer our condolences to their families and our people. In their person, we remember with gratitude our martyrs killed in Turkish state attacks once again.

    We are calling on political parties, NGOs, media institutions, intellectuals, writers and artists in Southern Kurdistan and all our people to put forth their stance and their protest. We are calling for a continuation of these demonstrations until the Turkish state invasion in Southern Kurdistan and Iraq is ended and the attacks are stopped.”
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Turkey targets the people of Southern Kurdistan deliberately



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