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Estonian director to show Kurdistan in different light

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Estonian director to show Kurdistan in different light

PostAuthor: Anthea » Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:40 pm

Estonian director inspired to show
Kurdistan and Middle East in different light

Anna Hints is an Estonian artist, film director, scenarist, composer and singer, who took part in Duhok International Film Festival this fall. It was her first visit to the Kurdistan Region. She was born in 1982 in Tartu. In an interview, Hints explains her expectations of Kurdistan and the Middle East.

She says that many people in Europe associate the Middle East with Islam and politicians wrongly exploit it to scare people: ‘Some right-wing people use this to reach power and this is a big problem.’ After her visit, Hints says, she is inspired to depict the Middle East and Kurdistan through a different prism.

At the festival, Hints showed the film ‘Ice’ about a divorced father who rarely sees his father and decides to make up for lost time by going on a winter-time adventure. Their plans change when they miss a ferry and are forced to take an ice road over the frozen sea. The main character, Harri, is an officer in the Estonian Army.

Hints holds a master’s degree from Tallinn University Film and Media School and is a member of the Estonian Cinema Association, the Estonian Writers' Association and the Estonian Audiovisual Association.

Dler Teli, Rudaw: Did you know anything about Kurds prior to your visit to the Kurdistan Region?

Anna Hints: All that I knew about Kurdistan was through European media. I knew of terror stories. But I came to know the real beautiful Kurdistan through this festival. It is rich in culture and history.

So there is a bad image of Kurdistan and the Middle East as a whole in Europe?

Everything is tied to Islam and to scare people. I think scaring people is a political thing. Some right-wing people use this to reach power and this is a big problem.

What would you tell your friends about Kurdistan after you return home?

After I return, I will tell the media and my people that Kurdistan is different from Iraq and Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Through Estonian media, I will be working on opening up peoples’ mind about Kurdistan and Islam.

Do you have plans to produce a film on Kurdistan?

I would like to produce a film about Kurdish culture one day.

What was the film through which you took part in Duhok film festival about?

The film ‘Ice’ tells the story of a father reuniting with his 10-year-old son. The father had been a soldier in Iraq. They had separated tragically. To me, the message is life is like a piece of ice on which we walk and there is always the possibility the ice might break. That is why life is very delicate and we should therefore exploit every opportunity in life for love and happiness.

Would you rather be known as a director or singer?

In addition to being a director, I am also a folklore singer. I watched a Kurdish documentary that contained a Kurdish folklore song that made me cry. It affected me emotionally which make us understand that music can unite nations.

What do you think of Kurdish films?

Very strong films were screened in the festival and there were very good women directors too. This inspires me in my first long film which I am currently working on. It is about violence against women.

What do you think of the film industry in Estonia?

In Estonia, the number of women directors is increasing day by day. The government invests much money in the film industry. Currently the situation is much better than the Soviet days. Nowadays we have cinema institutes. This is an example that can help Kurdistan in which there is strong cinema education. This way more youth and women will turn to the film industry.
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Estonian director to show Kurdistan in different light



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