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Kurdish man Ibrahim Dogus became Mayor of Lambeth

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Kurdish man Ibrahim Dogus became Mayor of Lambeth

PostAuthor: Anthea » Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:26 pm

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Ibrahim Dogus the new Mayor of Lambeth :ymapplause: :ymapplause: :ymapplause:

Ibrahim Dogus

My speech as a new Mayor of London Borough of Lambeth at Inauguration Ceremony at Lambeth Town Hall

Lambeth is my home.

But like many of our residents, I was not born here.

I was born far away in Turkey, in the Kurdish region, and came to London to escape conflict and war.

What makes Lambeth special is that it has always been a place where people can find their feet, make a new start, create a better life.

When I came to London at the age of 14, I washed dishes and waited on tables.

Now I am the Mayor of Lambeth. London, and Lambeth, truly is the land of opportunity.

It was no surprise that Lambeth people voted to Remain in the EU by the second highest margin in the referendum in 2016 (the highest being Gibraltar).

We are internationalist by instinct – we love our local streets, estates and communities but we reach beyond them to our connections around the world.

So I am proud to be the first Kurdish mayor of Lambeth, adding to that proud history of diversity and progress this borough represents.

I run a restaurant business in the shadow of the old County Hall, home of the London County Council and then the GLC, so I am reminded of the power of local democracy every day. And also how fragile it is.

When Parliament was under terror attack in 2017, we threw open our restaurant doors to the police officers and ambulance crews and gave them free food and drink.

Because that’s what we Londoners do, isn’t it?

We help each other out.

We offer shelter.

We make a cup of tea!

I also started a community newspaper called Lambeth Life, delivered to local homes, and each edition is a reminder of the wonderful people who live and work here.

As you may know, the name Lambeth comes from the Lamb Hythe, where lambs were penned before being taken across the River Thames to market.

Each of our town centres – Kennington, Stockwell, Clapham, Brixton, Norwood, Streatham and Vauxhall – has its own character and history.

Together they make Lambeth what it is, the special sum of special parts.

Lambeth has given the world so much creativity, from William Blake to David Bowie, from Stella McCartney to Linton Kwesi Johnson, who came here from Jamaica in 1963 and went to Tulse Hill School.

Like so many people from the Caribbean, he adds to our shared culture and national life.

I promise to be the Mayor for the whole of Lambeth.

Lambeth people come from every corner but we are united, many backgrounds, but one common future.

As Mayor, this will be my message – one community, one Lambeth, one London, one world. ... HSCampaign
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Kurdish man Ibrahim Dogus became Mayor of Lambeth



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